What is Reed Valley

Nestled on a picturesque wooded wonderland, Reed Valley is one of Second Life’s premier sims dedicated to the performing and visual arts, that offers an elegant setting for weddings, parties, and charity events.  Here, events are transformed into works of art with unparalleled service. Reed Valley is home to several venues that deliver the best entertainment on the grid.:

  • The Black Diamond venue is an intimate and cozy venue that brings to you the best live singers in Second Life.
  • The Moonstone Theater is an elegant traditional venue that caters to dance and theatrical performances.
  • The White Gold Lounge is a trendy night spot that features live mix DJs.
  • The Poetry Corner Cafe sponsors open mic poetry and short story readings.
  • Art in the Park showcases the work of SL artists which visitors can enjoy as they venture around the sim.

Reed Valley is a family fun place that offers something for everyone..

If your looking for a special place for that special wedding or party, stop by the Lasting Moments office to speak with one of our experienced consultants who will make your wedding or event a day to remember..

Reed Valley offers romantic vacation rentals if your looking to spend time with a special someone.

For more details on all that Reed Valley has to offer just click on the tag at the top of this page or contact one of the staff directly who can assist you.

Reed Enterprises logo 3.png


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